Donor Report 2009/10

Dear Friends of Independence ZA,

We’re writing to thank you for your continued support of Independence ZA (IZA) and to update you on how your donations are literally making a life-changing difference to a number of young South Africans.

2009: Employment, bursaries & rural entrepreneurship

Firstly, last year saw two of our beneficiaries finishing their studies and finding employment in their home town of Philippolis. This perfectly embodies IZA’s mission and we’re very proud of Jessica and Endolene.

We sent a further seven students to university or college and also covered their accommodation costs. We’re pleased to report that all of our students passed their courses, which demonstrates that our strategy of providing stable accommodation alongside the bursaries is working.

Finally, we ran a rural entrepreneurship programme in Philippolis, which unearthed a talented young artist, Tladi. We helped him promote some of his paintings and this year Tladi has decided to pursue a course in Fine Art, which IZA is helping to finance.

2010: More bursaries, schooling & adult learning

In addition to funding Tladi in 2010, we’re continuing to support our seven undergrads, with four moving into their final year and three into their second. We’ve separately enclosed a heartwarming letter of thanks from Zukiswa, one of our final year students, who is completing an IT degree.

This year we’re also putting two bright young things through school. Oscar, 15, whose mother died of AIDS last year and Paulie, 9, who was attending sub-standard village classes and is now at a private school.

Moreover, we are setting up a library and providing learning materials for the new Adult Learning Centre in Philippolis, the purpose of which is to teach members of the community, who didn’t receive adequate schooling, basic reading, writing and maths.

This is all possible thanks to your continued support…

So, thank you hugely for your support. Independence ZA continues to maintain an overhead-free infrastructure at both the UK and South African ends of our operation and consequently we are really pleased to report that the whole of your donation makes it directly to the beneficiary.

Yours independently,

Tim, Paul, Mark & Jake

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