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Independence ZA thanks you for your generosity. We know there are many bigger, currently better known charitable organizations but we pride ourselves in our ability to personally select, fund and monitor the projects we choose, hence delivering maximum value and engagement opportunity to our donors. 

Supporters will receive our tri-annual e-newsletter providing relevant and insightful project updates as well as feedback from program participants.

Independence ZA accepts donations in the following ways:

We encourage recurring donations from as little as £2 a month. By way of example, just £10 a month can provide a jobless 16-year old with the foundation skills necessary to find employment. You can make a donation in the following ways:

1. To donate £2 per month    

2. To donate £5 per month    

3. To donate £10 per month  

4. To donate £15 per month  

5. To donate £20 per month  

6. Cheques made out to Independence ZA to:

Tim Harty
Independence ZA
23 Seymour Road
W4 5ES
United Kingdom

7. Tranfers into Independence ZA’s bank account:

Independence ZA
Barclays Bank
Camden Branch
Account Number: 80564850
Sort Code: 20-44-86


Thank you for your donation!

Philippolis girls, top, and boys, bottom

The Good Work Foundation's Kate Groch conducts class in the bush